All Poems are by Eugenia Dallas


Peaceful, hard working, happy, gregarious people, 
With their golden fields of wheat
Blue skies, Ukraine my country,
Breadbasket of Europe.

Suddenly black clouds of terror
From the neighbor to the North.
Darkness blew over the green hills
The peaceful golden steps of Ukraine.

Bullets riddle my country,
They took my freedom, my land
And brutally turned us into a colony
Run by hostile ruthless outsiders

By Force they made us give them
All our food to the last morsel.
In return they gave us prisons in Siberia
And Genocide in Ukraine.

Countless Numbers of Children
With protruding frightened eyes,
outstretched little hands
Pleading for food, crying.
Some of us survived - Orphans Forever
The free world was silent!
Our Hopelessness, Bewilderment,
Gave way to panic.
We sunk deep into resignation,
Mental apathy, stupor, and despair

The Communist Terror, their sadism
Made us pay dearly with our lives.
Extermination by slow starvation
Was done quietly, so that no one in the world
Would hear or know about it.

We Must Pledge to Preserve,
Memories of Ukrainian Genocide
To ensure that the world,
Does not repeat the past.

We must not forget the pain
That was inflicted upon Ukraine.
We must remember our
Obligations and responsibilities
Toward our loved ones, who perished so unjustly?
Today and Always, Their memories must be kept alive forever.

The Russian Revolution
Creation of world Communism in 1932
Let to a yet unknown Genocide
In Ukraine, a story that was never fully told.


Ukraine My Tortured Land.
My parents my own dearest ones.
Where are your tortured bodies?
Starved, tormented thrown, dumped in mass graves
In frozen Tundra foreign land.
Searching, calling you, but no one hears me
No one wants to know about your suffering.
Only two little worn out documents
Say: "Sent on a road to Siberia"
Where is that tragic road that took?
Millions of innocent people to their death?
It is so very hard to accept your suffering,
Cruelty by Soviets for so long.
Uncontrollable tears don't let me forget
Destruction of my homeland.
Empty homes, empty fields, empty Ukraine
Terror of horrors ruins of the nation.
Excruciating torture by slow starvation.
Some of us children survived - orphans forever.
Finally destiny smiled on us
Long waiting freedom came upon us
Unexpected Independence
Free from shackles of Communists tyranny


My Mother

My mother with her tender care
Looked at me with so much joy
She watched over me always
with so much pride in her eyes

I was her life
She always hugged and kissed me
She always talked to me asking for my advice
making me feel I was special

My mother was taken away from me
A t the tender age of five.
I lost her steady love and care
My world crumbled around me

My joyful, happy childhood was over forever.

My little friend in the second grade
Her mom was tender just like mine
With pride, love and kisses,
Just to watch, would make my heart tremble.

I would burst into tears
So much pain for a child to bear
Without the loving care of a Mother
I wish I had my Mother.


My Childhood

I was robbed of my childhood
Happiness to me was denied
I went through turbulent life,
B but somehow survived

Why my life was spared?
I think I was chosen
to bring the message to the world

Ukraine by evil force was occupied.
A million souls were crucified
The rest conveniently Russified

My parents were arrested
Their identity stripped
Why was their destiny so cruel?
Today I ask for what reason were they punished?


The New Millennium

Some people think the world will end.
Some of us are not satisfied
With the country and criticize this land.

Wake up, look around and be fulfilled,
Believe me there is no better place than the United States.

I am excited every day
To reach every New Year for which I pray
And hope will come in peace and harmony.

Modern advanced technology
Is an exciting time for humanity?
I am very lucky to live in comfort and plenty
The United States of America is my country.

Don't criticize but think in a positive way
Be grateful that you were born
And privileged to live in the USA

Don't put down your country and your people
Respect, and count your blessings to live in the USA
Recognize the good qualities of the land
Honor; support your President at all times
This is your country and your people.



Your gentle constant rain and wild winds
Penetrate my bones
Scotland with so many moods
Of different colorful Plaines

Your winters blowing wild
All at once: snow, rain and sunshine
Ferocious whistling winds
Fallen rains never mild

In the summer of nowhere
Rain comes and goes
Sunshine is very rare
Green forever Scottish Hills

With mysterious Lochs lakes
Bonnie Bobby Burns
And his clans for all to be seen
Emerald green Scottish Hills.


The Love

Love is the gift of nature
Love is a spark of life
Love was given to me so easy
The feeling of happiness.

Anxiety, trepidation of my heart
Inflamed by joy for you
Beating like a thousand drums
Just to think of seeing you.

For many years I forget about love
I thought I never could love again
The gift of Love, that came to me
So very unexpectedly and so easy.

Complete infatuation, excitement
Instant pleasure, happiness
Like telling me:
I am yours, come to me.

Love is a gift so rare and so very precious
With emotions that are running wild
Without any control of the mind
That is in turmoil.

My heart keeps on drumming
Just with the slightest thought of you.

© Eugenia Dallas 2004