One Woman, Five Lives, Five Countries

One Woman’s heroic journey through the hardship and tragedies that took place in Ukraine under the tyranny of Stalin’s regime, and Hitler’s forced labor camps. It is a touching story of true survival and family values. One woman with Five Lives that will make you laugh, cry and feel good as you travel with the author Eugenia Dallas through Five Countries.

At the tender age of 5: Torn from her parents and family who were sent to Siberia never to be seen again, she begins her journey of survival.

Orphaned and lost in history: Alone to watch as the unfolding historical Genocide of 1932- 1933 where 10 million (1/3 of the Ukraine) perished.

Raped and trapped in the war: Sexually raped as a teenager by a landlord then deported into Nazi’s work camps in Austria.

Drifting without a country: Adopted by the Italian prisoner’s of war she became an illegal showgirl and later became a successful fashion model.

Deported and desperate to find a new life: Forced to leave Italy after years of illegal lavish living she becomes accepted as a political refugee immigrant to the United States.

America the land of the free: Landing in New York and then modeling for Neiman Marcus she was free to create her own historical life tragedies and married a Texan. Living in Texas where everything is bigger even mistakes, she bears one son, a family of her own.

Surviving death: After many heartfelt attacks of life struggles, a childhood illness, rheumatic Fever: strikes her heart and she becomes a pioneer patient for open heart, low temperature surgery which mends her heart but not her marriage which has begun to take on a war of its own, alcoholism. The bottle was killing her husband and taking away her newfound freedom.

Starting over: Sunshine, palms trees and a new beginning in Los Angeles, she struggles to raise her son who looses himself in the world of drugs.

Finding a new true love: After years of rejecting multiple marriage offers and sacrificing her own happiness to be perfect mother that she never had, she finds herself in Europe piecing her son’s life back together and finding a new man. A Scottish solicitor who solicits her heart as well as her hand in marriage.

Pampered yet punished by war wounds again: Happily married and at home with her
husband and recovering son, tragedy strikes as old WWI war wounds cripple her husbands health. They move to Los Angeles where she takes on the role of caretaker.

Heart and soul: “Happily Ever After?” Losing her husband and surviving a 3rd
open-heart surgery she has to look deep into her heart to start over again. She
dedicates the rest of her life to bringing the true story of humanitarism and survival to the media. Painting both with words and brushes she captivates audiences such as
Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Bill Rosendhal, Ellie Wiesel and the masses yearning
to breathe free … that happily ever after is what you make it. The story never ends
but hopefully history will not repeat itself and the moral is freedom for all.

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© Eugenia Dallas 2004