Eugenia Dallas has devoted her life to protecting and exposing the atrocities that took place in the 20th Century through the vehicle of her book, One Woman, Five Lives, Five Countries. She is trying to reach as many people as possible with her story and hopes to spread it to the public in the form of a motion picture.

For many years Eugenia has been working as an activist, an author and a fine artist. She has taken part in many organizations and events that work to help the people of Ukraine. In particular, she is a relief aid manager for humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Early in her life, Eugenia went from working in the Nazi concentration camps to living the lavish life of a model. By age five she had lost her parents and was forced to beg on the streets for bread. She, along with all of Ukraine, suffered from 1932 until the end of WWII. At the end of the war, Eugenia managed to escape to Italy where her life changed drastically. She became a showgirl and a fashion model. Eugenia worked as a fashion model in Italy, Switzerland and the United States. In the US, she modeled for Neiman Marcus in Dallas, TX and Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills.

Since Eugenia has lived all over the world, she has been forced to learn many different languages. She is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, German, French, Italian and English.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Eugenia Dallas is working diligently to get her story out to the public.

Please feel free to contact her by telephone at (323) 822-6092 or via email at

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